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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

NEW Slasher INTRUSION and it's sequel release information

Friend of the Diner, Craig Everett Earl's film INTRUSION slashes your way this summer when SGL Entertainment releases the horror/thriller feature film on Blu-ray and DVD in both U.S and Canada and a worldwide VOD release. Written and Produced by Award-winning Writer Craig Everett Earl and Directed by Dru Pfeiffer with Katie Stewart (Overtime, Revelation Trail), Teresa Lawrence (Ace Ventura Jr, Beethoven’s Big Break) and Lee Haycraft leading the cast.

Holly Jensen (Katie Stewart) leads an overly dramatic life. It’s one that is spent trying to avoid her problems and forget the past. Best friend Kali (Teresa Lawrence) has the perfect solution to making Holly feel better. It’s a game called “Wrong Number”. However, the man on the other end (Lee Haycraft) finds the joke less than funny and decides to play a game of his own. A game where Holly will become the pawn. It’s a character-driven thriller where everything has consequences and something as beautiful as a rose can be turned into any woman’s, worst nightmare.


SGL will follow up the intense slasher with INTRUSION:DISCONNECTED, the sequel already in production co-starring Scream Queen Tiffany Shepis (Sharknado 2, The Frankenstein Syndrome), Corey Feldman (Goonies, Lost Boys) and Sebrina Scott (Overtime). The Award-winning film is directed by Kyle Cates, (INTRUSION) written and produced by Craig Everett Earl and set for theaters Blu-ray/DVD U.S and Canada and worldwide VOD release in 2016. James Houk (The Dooms Chapel Horror) is on board as cinematographer.
The trailer can be seen at or at the official film site

Also releasing through SGL Entertainment is BLOOD ON THE REEL, a horror documentary that focuses on the highs and lows of independent horror filmmaking. Directed and Produced by longtime filmmaker Johnny Daggers. Craig Everett Earl is serving as Associate Producer for Blood on the Reel, where he’ll also be featured.
SGL Entertainment is headed up by Jeffrey A. Swanson and Damien Dante with partnerships that include MVD Entertainment and Indie Rights Movies.

More information on INTRUSION, INTRUSION:DISCONNECTED and the BLOOD ON THE REEL documentary can be found here:

You can hear Craig Everett Earl discuss these films on Diabolique's A Real Horror Show HERE

Intrusion and Intrusion:Disconnected

Blood on the Reel!

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