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Friday, 16 January 2015


Arrow Films have revealed more information about the expansion of its celebrated Arrow Video label into North America this coming March.

Arrow Video were a huge success in the UK for their various cult and horror releases. They have, over the last few years, also won several ‘Label of the Year’ awards by The Guardian (2011, 2013) and Home Cinema Choice Magazine (2010/2013/2014) as well as awards from other institutions and festivals around the world.
There were also plenty of film collectors aware of their great restoration work and exclusive extras this side of the pond! So it's great news that while Hollywood studios seem to be dialling back on physical media, Arrow will join the ranks of Shout Factory, Blue Underground, Grindhouse Releasing and others, giving us hungry, rare and genre film fans what we want!

Arrow Video are launching in North America with a host of cult titles, receiving the usual deluxe treatment in video, audio, supplements and artwork.
Launch titles include:
Tonino Valerii’s Spaghetti Western Day of Anger [I Giorni dell’ira, aka Gunlaw] starring genre icons Lee Van Cleef and Giuliano Gemma;
Michael Armstrong’s bloody and brutal critique of state-funded religious corruption Mark of the Devil in a director-approved release;
and the thrillingly bizarro yakuza-samurai-ghost story-horror hybrid from Teruo Ishii, Blind Woman’s Curse (1971, also known as Black Cat’s Revenge).

Future releases include films never-before-released on DVD and/or Blu-ray from European and Japanese cult directors.

The release dates of these North American Blu-ray premieres are:
Mark of the Devil on 17th March,
Blind Woman’s Curse on 24th March
Day of Anger on 31st March.

Massacre Gun,
Blood and Black Lace

and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Miss Osbourne
will all follow in April 2015 with further titles to be announced and released throughout 2015.

The UK Artwork is shown as US packaging was not available at the time of writing this.
Genre Blu & DVD seller has the titles for pre-order HERE and we will be reviewing the titles on the blog here at

About Arrow Video:
Started as an offshoot label of Arrow Films in 2009, the label began with two cult titles: Lucio Fulci’s The House by the Cemetery (1981) and Lamberto Bava’s Macabre (1980). Arrow Video releases hark back the video store glory days when VHS covers were lurid and exciting. The Label employs top illustrative artists to create brand-new oil-painting covers featuring reversible original key art as an alternate option. The label releases definitive editions that include complete uncut versions, multiple audio tracks, copious extras, cutting edge design and informative booklets. The collection now spans more than 100 releases and includes films by a host of major auteurs from Argento to Yuzna!

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