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Thursday, 24 October 2013

NEVERMORE just 6 days to go

Master of horror, Stuart Gordon (@OfficialSGordon), renowned character actor Jeffrey Combs (@jeffreycombs) and expert screenwriter Dennis Paoli are in the process of funding a transfer of national hit one man show Nevermore from stage to screen.
The group are fondly remembered by horror nerds the world over as the team behind Re-Animator, From Beyond and Castle Freak.
In fact we here at the Diner were lucky enough to interview their some-time leading lady Barbara Crampton and discuss their trilogy of warped horror films from the 80s and 90s.

The three film-makers also collaborated on the TV episode of Showtime's Masters of Horror, The Black Cat which was the seeds of the idea of bringing something Edgar Allen Poe based to the silver screen.
The Kickstarter campaign to make a Jeffrey Combs starring, Stuart Gordon directed Poe film to the screen should be a no-brainer. Poe is still a massively beloved author, Combs received no end of rave reviews for his long running one man play about the writer, the short stories are endlessly cinematic, they're not asking for a lot, less that 1/2 a million actually and them all working together again should be geek candy. So why, with just 7 days to go are they roughly $300,000 down from their target?

Veronica Mars, Sylvester Stallone and that bland, unlikable guy from Scrubs all were successful funding stuff on Kickstarter, why not this talented bunch of film-makers?
I don't want to hear the argument about celebrities using Kickstarter, if you don't like celebs using it then don't give your money but I, for one, am happy to support things I like.
We here at the Diner just wanted to shine a little more light on this GREAT project because every little bit helps. If you're interested further, check out the Nevermore Facebook Page for links to a myriad of online articles but we suggest you, first, head straight to their Kickstarter campaign and help make this film reality!
Then tell your friends, relatives, co-workers, strangers on the street and people online to do the same!
Let's save Nevermore!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Broken Circle Breakdown gets a US Soundtrack release

We are really happy to report on the US release of the soundtrack for THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN, The November 1st theatrical release from Tribeca Film and Belgium’s official selection for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

The album, which is the top-selling soundtrack of all time in its home country of Belgium, is available TODAY on iTunes, Amazon, and other digital platforms from Republic Records.
The film’s composer Björn Eriksson created the footstomping soundtrack by adapting traditional bluegrass songs, writing original material, and creating new arrangements from popular songs written by Bruce Springsteen, Lyle Lovett, Townes Van Zandt, Larry Cordle, Betty Key, Larry Shell, A.P. Carter, John Bellar and Leslie Phillips.
The soundtrack’s U.S. release comes in advance of its national theatrical rollout which begins on November 1, 2013. The soundtrack is an energetic collection of classic bluegrass songs as performed by The Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band, a touring band that formed out of the film’s production.
The soundtrack was crafted by the film’s composer Björn Eriksson, who took existing bluegrass songs and created new arrangements while also writing new songs for the film. Lead actors Veerle Baetens and Johan Heldenbergh perform their own songs and are part of the off-screen Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band, whose European tour is sold out through 2014. 
The full band also includes Eriksson, Nils De Caster (violin, mandolin, vocals), Karl Eriksson (banjo, vocals), Thomas De Smet (bass) and Bert Van Bortel (guitar, madolin, vocals).

Bluegrass is integrated in a variety of ways into the story and forms the intrinsic link between all the main issues that appear in the film,” director Felix Van Groeningen said on the film’s music. “We have tried to let the songs find their spot in the scenario in a more organized manner and by doing so, give them the greatest possible dramatic impact. Sometime a song is purely narrative and helps to tell the story or is even used as an ellipsis. In other places, we select a given song because it underpins the emotions.”
The press release describes the plot like this:
The Broken Circle Breakdown is the story of Elise (Veerle Baetens) and Didier (Johan Heldenbergh), who fall in love at first sight. She has her own tattoo shop and he plays the banjo in a bluegrass band. They bond over their shared enthusiasm for American music and culture, and dive headfirst into a sweeping romance that plays out on and off stage — but when an unexpected tragedy hits their new family, everything they know and love is tested. The Broken Circle Breakdown is an intensely moving portrait of a relationship from beginning to end, propelled by a soundtrack of foot-stomping bluegrass.
The Broken Circle Breakdown opens theatrically on November 1, 2013 with a national rollout in the weeks to follow and we'll be reviewing it right here on the After Movie Diner review blog
So watch this space!
A full tracklisting for the soundtrack can be found below:
The Broken Circle Breakdown (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
1. Will the Circle Be Unbroken – The Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band
2. The Boy Who Wouldn’t Hoe Corn – The Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band
3. Dusty Mixed Feelings - Björn Eriksson
4. Wayfaring Stranger – The Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band
5. Rueben’s  Train – The Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band
6. Country In My Genes – The Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band
7. Further On Up The Road – The Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band
8. Where Are You Heading, Tumbleweed? - Björn Eriksson
9. Over In The Gloryland – The Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band
10. Cowboy Man – The Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band
11. If I Needed You – The Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band
12. Carved Tree In - Björn Eriksson
13. Sandmountain – The Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band
14. Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us – The Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band
15. Blackberry Blossom – The Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band
The soundtrack can be streamed on Spotify HERE 
I have been listening to it and it's fast becoming my favourite album of 2013!
The Broken Circle Breakdown Theatrical Opening Dates:
New York: Sunshine Cinema – opens November 1
Los Angeles: Nuart – opens November 8
Boston: Kendall Square - opens November 15
Washington: E Street - opens November 15
Philadelphia: Ritz Bourse - opens November 15
Irvine: University 6 - opens November 15
San Francisco: Clay Theater – opens November 22
Berekely: Shattuck 10 – opens November 22
San Diego: Ken Cinema – opens November 22
Dallas: Magnolia 5 – opens November 22
Atlanta: Midtown Art – opens December 6
Denver: Chez Artiste – opens December 6
Austin: Arbor 8 – opens December 6
Phoenix: Camelview – opens December 6
Portland: Regal Fox Tower – opens December 6
San Jose: Camera 3 Cinema – opens December 6
Fort Wayne: Cinema Center - opens December 6
Santa Fe: Jean Cocteau - opens December 6
Monterey: Osio Cinemas – opens December 6
Santa Cruz: The Nickelodeon – Opens December 6
Ft Worth: Modern Art Museum – opens December 20
Columbus: Gateway Film Center – opens January 17
We here at The Diner, having got suitable Once/Oh Brother Where Art Thou vibes from the soundtrack album and digging it immensely, can't wait to watch the film. We'll be reviewing it and reporting on it further as the days pass, this is definitely one to watch/listen to!

The Trailer:

Why don't you tell us in the comments what your favourite soundtrack album is, we'd love to hear from you!!

Friday, 18 October 2013

'Here Comes the Devil' Poster and Red Band Trailer

We've got the new poster AND the Red Band Trailer for new horror film "Here Comes The Devil
Written and Directed by Adrián García Bogliano and starring Francisco Barreiro, Laura Caro and Alan Martinez 

Plot Synopsis:
A couple’s preteen son and daughter inexplicably reappear after being lost overnight on a desolate, cave-riddled mountainside. Becoming withdrawn and beginning to exhibit strange behavior, their parents quickly assume something sinister happened to them while missing and alone.

But after hearing an ominous local legend… the concerned mother and father begin to realize that their children may have fallen prey to something inhuman – and that this dark, unstoppable evil has now returned home with them.

“INCREDIBLY ENTERTAINING. It’s got a little bit of everything for the hardcore horror nut.” – Bloody Disgusting


“A MEMORABLE SHOCKER. Great performances and a script that never quite does what you expect it to.” – Drew McWeeney, Hitfix

“MAGNIFICENTLY CREEPY. It utterly floored me.” –Steve Prokopy, Ain’t It Cool News

“An exercise in escalating dread that continuously defies the seasoned horror fan's expectations.” Matt Barone, Complex

Red Band Trailer:
Magnolia Pictures will release HERE COMES THE DEVIL on iTunes/On Demand and in theatres - December 13, 2013 
Rated: R 
 For more info:

Magnolia Takes US Rights to Richard Ayoade’s THE DOUBLE

The Wagner/Cuban Company’s Magnolia Pictures announced that they have acquired US rights to THE DOUBLE, the new film directed and co-written by Richard Ayoade (Submarine), starring Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) and Mia Wasikowska (Jane Eyre).

A darkly funny and moving dystopian vision loosely based on the novella by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, THE DOUBLE boasts a terrific supporting cast, including Wallace Shawn, Yasmin Paige, Noah Taylor, James Fox, Cathy Moriarty, Chris O’Dowd, Sally Hawkins, Craig Roberts and Paddy Considine. Co-written by Avi Korine, THE DOUBLE was produced by Amina Dasmal and Robin Fox, with executive producers Michael Caine, Graeme Cox, Tessa Ross and Nigel Williams. It bowed to critical acclaim at the Toronto International Film Festival last month.

Eisenberg plays Simon, a timid, isolated man who’s overlooked at work, scorned by his mother, and ignored by the woman of his dreams (Wasikowska). The arrival of a new co-worker, James (also played by Eisenberg), serves to upset the balance. James is both Simon's exact physical double and his opposite - confident, charismatic and good with women. To Simon's horror, James slowly starts taking over his life.
Said Magnolia President Eamonn Bowles, “THE DOUBLE is an incredibly assured, confident and visionary film. Richard Ayoade is a talent to be reckoned with—he firmly establishes himself as an dynamic and important auteur with this uncannily entertaining, stylish and compulsively watchable film.”
Producer Amina Dasmal states "Magnolia's proven ability to work so well with the leading filmmakers and original voices of our time, makes them the perfect partner for this urgent film"
Producer Robin Fox adds "Magnolia's passion for the film and for Richard's work give us a great comfort the film will be handled with strength and thought needed to give it the platform it richly deserves"
Magnolia is eyeing a 2014 theatrical release for THE DOUBLE following a robust domestic festival run.
The deal was negotiated by Magnolia Director of Acquisitions John Von Thaden, with WME Global and Protagonist Pictures on behalf of the filmmakers.

The Double is Film4 and BFI presentation of an Alcove Entertainment production in association with Protagonist Pictures.


'12 Years A Slave' Featurettes

Directed by Steve McQueen / Screenplay by John Ridley

Starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Dano, Garret Dillahunt, Paul Giamatti, Scoot McNairy, Lupita Nyong’o, Adepero Oduye, Sarah Paulson, Brad Pitt, Michael Kenneth Williams, Alfre Woodard, Chris Chalk, Taran Killam and Bill Camp
Plot Summary: 12 YEARS A SLAVE is based on an incredible true story of one man's fight for survival and freedom.  In the pre-Civil War United States, Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a free black man from upstate New York, is abducted and sold into slavery.  Facing cruelty (personified by a malevolent slave owner, portrayed by Michael Fassbender) as well as unexpected kindnesses, Solomon struggles not only to stay alive, but to retain his dignity.  In the twelfth year of his unforgettable odyssey, Solomon’s chance meeting with a Canadian abolitionist (Brad Pitt) forever alters his life.


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Inside Llewyn Davis - Watch the Brand New Official Trailer! and EXCLUSIVE stills!

Written and Directed by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen
Produced by Scott Rudin, Ethan Coen and Joel Coen
Starring Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Garrett Hedlund and Justin Timberlake

The official description of the film:
INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS follows a week in the life of a young folk singer as he navigates the Greenwich Village folk scene of 1961.

LLEWYN DAVIS (OSCAR ISAAC) is at a crossroads.  Guitar in tow, huddled against the unforgiving New York winter, he is struggling to make it as a musician against seemingly insurmountable obstacles—some of them of his own making.  Living at the mercy of both friends and strangers, scaring up what work he can find, Llewyn’s misadventures take him from the baskethouses of the Village to an empty Chicago club—on an odyssey to audition for a music mogul —and back again.  

Brimming with music performed by Isaac, Justin Timberlake and Carey Mulligan (as Llewyn’s married Village friends), as well as Marcus Mumford and Punch Brothers, INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS—in the tradition of O Brother, Where Art Thou?—is infused with the transportive sound of another time and place. An epic on an intimate scale, it represents the Coen Brothers’ fourth collaboration with multiple-Grammy® and Academy Award®-winning music producer T Bone Burnett. Marcus Mumford is associate music producer. 

Whenever the Coen Brothers release a new film it is a cause for celebration. I am a huge fan of their work and can't wait to see this one as it centres around a type of music and a period in history that I am fascinated with. The appearance of moany faced Carey Mulligan and Justin 'I just don't get your appeal' Timberlake is a little concerning but in The Coens we trust!
You can check out our recent podcast on When George Clooney met The Coens HERE


CBS Films will release INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS on December 6, 2013

Friday, 4 October 2013

New documentary 'Muscle Shoals' looks at musically rich area of Alabama

New from Magnolia Pictures, Muscle Shoals is directed by Greg 'Freddy' Camalier and features Aretha Franklin, Bono, Greg Allman, Clarence Carter, Mick Jagger, Etta James, Alicia Keys, Keith Richards, Percy Sledge and more!

Located alongside the Tennessee River, Muscle Shoals, Alabama is the unlikely breeding ground for some of America's most creative and defiant music. Under the spiritual influence of the "Singing River," as Native Americans called it, the music of Muscle Shoals has helped create some of the most important and resonant songs of all time. At its heart is Rick Hall who founded FAME Studios. Overcoming crushing poverty and staggering tragedies, Hall brought black and white together in Alabama's cauldron of racial hostility to create music for the generations. He is responsible for creating the "Muscle Shoals sound" and The Swampers, the house band at FAME that eventually left to start their own successful studio, known as Muscle Shoals Sound. Greg Allman, Bono, Clarence Carter, Mick Jagger, Etta James, Alicia Keys, Keith Richards, Percy Sledge and others bear witness to Muscle Shoals' magnetism, mystery and why it remains influential today.

I am, personally a huge fan of this kind of music and so can't wait to watch the documentary, also I have a whole new place to add to my list of 'places to visit' in The States.
Watch the trailer:

Here's a clip from the film:

and you can watch The Swampers, Candi Staton, Jason Isbell & John Paul White perform “I Ain't Easy To Love” on David Letterman:

MUSCLE SHOALS is now available on iTunes/OnDemand and in select theaters.

For a list of play dates and theaters, please go HERE
For more info:

Star of Magnet Releasing's Bad Milo is doing a Reddit AMA - Mon Oct 7th

Bad Milo Star Ken Marino (The State, Role Models) is doing a Reddit AMA on Monday, October 7th 
When: 3:00pm-4:30pm PST/6:00pm-7:30pm EST
The film is directed by Jacob Vaughan and stars Ken Marino, Gillian Jacobs, Patrick Warburton, Mary Kay Place, Stephen Root and Peter Stormare
The Press Release describes it as:

Duncan's (Ken Marino) life is a real pain in the ass. Tormented by a manipulative, crooked boss (Patrick Warburton), a nagging mother (Mary Kay Place), a deadbeat new age dad (Stephen Root), and a sweet, yet pressuring, wife (Gillian Jacobs), his mounting stress starts to trigger an insufferable gastrointestinal reaction.
Out of ideas and at the end of his rope, Duncan seeks the help of a hypnotherapist (Peter Stormare), who helps him discover the root of his unusual stomach pain: a pintsized demon living in his intestine that, triggered by excessive anxiety, forces its way out and slaughters the people who have angered him. Out of fear that his intestinal gremlin may target its wrath on the wrong person, Duncan attempts to befriend it, naming it Milo and indulging it to keep its seemingly insatiable appetite at bay.

From the trailer this looks to be a pretty awesome and I hope it's genuinely 'John Dies At The End' fun and odd, Ken Marino is ALWAYS good value and the supporting cast is strong. 
I am really happy that, this year especially, more interesting horror comedies are being made and actually released. From John Dies, to You're Next and now this, maybe we're finally turning that corner away from found footage movies, remakes and torture porn...

BAD MILO is available on iTunes/On Demand and in theaters today!

For a complete list of theaters and play dates, please go HERE
The film is rated: R

For more info:
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