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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Joe Dante to direct NEW horror comedy "Burying The Ex"

True film fans can rejoice as Diner favourite, the big haired, b-movie horror helmer Joe Dante is at it again, according to The Wrap, with a new horror comedy "Burying The Ex".
Voltage Pictures, ArtImage Entertainment, Scooty Woop Entertainment and Act 4 Entertainment will be producing the film which is set to star Anton Yelchin (“Star Trek Into Darkness”), Ashley Greene (“The Twilight Saga”), Alexandra Daddario (“Percy Jackson”) and Oliver Cooper (“Project X”).

Considering the 'Trailers From Hell' creator's last movie, The Hole, was kid-centric and judging by who is cast in this already, you can expect a fairly teen/young adult friendly film.
The plot of the film, written by Alan Trezza is described as
"Max (Yelchin) and Evelyn's (Greene) relationship takes a nose dive once they move in together. Max discovers how controlling and manipulative Evelyn is but he’s too scared to break up with her. When fate steps in and Evelyn dies in a freak accident, newly-single Max prepares to move on with Olivia (Daddario). His romantic life becomes complicated when Evelyn rises from the grave and sets out to get her boyfriend back, even if that means turning him into one of the undead."

Sounds like, in Dante's hands, it could bypass the possible tweedy trappings and actually be a lot of fun. We will wait and see. Filming commences this coming week in LA!

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