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Thursday, 24 October 2013

NEVERMORE just 6 days to go

Master of horror, Stuart Gordon (@OfficialSGordon), renowned character actor Jeffrey Combs (@jeffreycombs) and expert screenwriter Dennis Paoli are in the process of funding a transfer of national hit one man show Nevermore from stage to screen.
The group are fondly remembered by horror nerds the world over as the team behind Re-Animator, From Beyond and Castle Freak.
In fact we here at the Diner were lucky enough to interview their some-time leading lady Barbara Crampton and discuss their trilogy of warped horror films from the 80s and 90s.

The three film-makers also collaborated on the TV episode of Showtime's Masters of Horror, The Black Cat which was the seeds of the idea of bringing something Edgar Allen Poe based to the silver screen.
The Kickstarter campaign to make a Jeffrey Combs starring, Stuart Gordon directed Poe film to the screen should be a no-brainer. Poe is still a massively beloved author, Combs received no end of rave reviews for his long running one man play about the writer, the short stories are endlessly cinematic, they're not asking for a lot, less that 1/2 a million actually and them all working together again should be geek candy. So why, with just 7 days to go are they roughly $300,000 down from their target?

Veronica Mars, Sylvester Stallone and that bland, unlikable guy from Scrubs all were successful funding stuff on Kickstarter, why not this talented bunch of film-makers?
I don't want to hear the argument about celebrities using Kickstarter, if you don't like celebs using it then don't give your money but I, for one, am happy to support things I like.
We here at the Diner just wanted to shine a little more light on this GREAT project because every little bit helps. If you're interested further, check out the Nevermore Facebook Page for links to a myriad of online articles but we suggest you, first, head straight to their Kickstarter campaign and help make this film reality!
Then tell your friends, relatives, co-workers, strangers on the street and people online to do the same!
Let's save Nevermore!

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